Dr. Magolis is a Professor of Media and Journalism, Kerby Confer Radio Fellow at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, and named the 2017 Outstanding Volunteer for the National Association for Media Literacy Education.  He has designed, developed, and instructed a wide variety of face-to-face and online courses centered on media literacy principles.  Recently he designed a new major and minor based on media literacy principles called Emergent Media at Bloomsburg of Pennsylvania.  His primary areas of research include media literacy education, multimedia communications, and emerging media technologies.

Dr. Magolis has served as a professional web developer and social media expert for several clubs, businesses, and organizations on the local and national level.  He serves as the Director of the Confer Radio Talent Institute a­­t Bloomsburg University and a member of the NAMLE Leadership Council.  Additionally, he is the adviser to the men’s and women’s club volleyball teams, and 91.1 WHSK the student-run radio station. He earned a doctorate in Instructional Systems from Pennsylvania State University.  Check out an article about what Dr. Magolis has been doing with students at WBUQ. Follow him on Twitter @drmagolis.

David Magolis-Marillen Castle from Bloomsburg University on Vimeo.

Megan Murphy – David Magolis from Bloomsburg University on Vimeo.

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